about us

Welcome to STYCH - Clothing and accessories shop for girls.  Inspired by a love for unique design and the joy it can bring, we want to have you #instyches and Smiling 'Til Your Cheeks Hurt.

Our team of talented designers will always make sure that you can get your hands on the coolest designs and themes. From skirts to scrunchies, bags to bracelets, headbands to hosiery, Stych will help you add serious smile to dressing up or gifting some smile to someone you love.

Choose one of our beautifully themed gift boxes, or curate your very own gift box with our Build A Gift section, gifting your personal favourite accessories and adding an optional gift message at the end!.

Stych is designed to be super easy and convenient with love and thought flowing through every hand-wrapped gift box and package sent. So if you're not #instyches now, get involved and we guarantee you'll all be smiling 'till your cheeks hurt.

how do I stych?

gift sets

We're about making gifting easier for you and our Stych designers have curated a selection of gorgeous gift boxes and bags stuffed full with smile-inducing accessories. Simply shop, select and make someone smile 'till their cheeks hurt today. 

Build A Gift

Make that gift extra personal, select your gift size, choose from one of our printed keepsake gift boxes and fill with your favourite smile-inducing accessories and finish with a personal message (optional) at the end!

Build A Gift is easy to use guiding you through to finish with your own gift box curation, guranteed to have that someone you love, smiling 'till their cheeks hurt.